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“I can confidently say that my child is Digital India-ready thanks to CodingZen’s programming courses. The matter is taught in an easy-to-understand method, with lots of content to keep the kids on their toes. CodingZen knows how to keep your child ahead of the curve and learning at the same time”

Mr. Ramesh Chauhan

Father of Nitin Chauhan

“Seeing the digital rat race that goes on, I didn’t want my daughter to be left behind, and CodingZen was definitely a good choice. They have very knowledgeable faculty who teach with great patience and leave no doubt unanswered.. She cannot wait to attend the next session, kudos to CodingZen! Now we are all interested to learn coding!”

Mrs. Priya Rae

Mother of Ajay Rae

“Coming from a non-coding background, we were a little apprehensive of where to send our son for coding classes. And after a year in CodingZen, we have no regrets, as he is now thorough with the basics of coding and aspires to do more and learn more. His teachers in CodingZen have definitely helped in not only teaching him coding, but also improving his confidence, encouraging his curiosity and acknowledging his progress. CodingZen is definitely the place for coding for kids.”

Mrs. Asha Goel

Mother of Jatin Goel

“Our daughter had a few problems in coping with C++ in school, it seemed like an alien language to her. But after a month in CodingZen, she has begun to love coding. She finds logical thinking easier and has increased her problem solving speed. A big thank you to CodingZen!”

Mrs. Sudha Chaudhary

Mother of Richa Chaudhary

“ My kids are very interested in games, so much so that they actually said they would like to make their own. When I heard about the game making course in CodingZen and read the excellent reviews, I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to give my kids a headstart in their passion. Now, all they can talk about is Unity and the game plan. Thank you CodingZen!”

Mr. Akshay Gaur

Father of Ria Gaur

“Seeing that kids these days are very much tech-oriented, I felt my child needed something a little more to rise above others, a new upcoming skill. So when I heard about CodingZen’s 3D printing course, I immediately registered her for it, and now she talks in big technical terms which even I find hard to understand. It’s not just the skill, even the atmosphere in a CodingZen classroom is one which encourages kids and promotes better learning.”

Mr. Suresh Mittal

Father of Amit Mittal

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