CodingZen Foundation

The CodingZen Foundation program inspires technology savvy primary school students to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own games and apps.

With the emphasis of creativity, CodingZen Foundation empowers students through problem solving using technology. Students learn computer science concepts, user-centric design, and mobile app development.

Modular Classes

Designed for young curious minds, this modular course is project-based and hands-on, giving them a first try on programming.

Cutting Edge Technologies

The teaching tools we use are cutting edge, including latest funded Kickstarter projects, and often shipped directly from Silicon Valley and New York.

Visual, Tangible and STEM

Each class we offer a tangible product for students to take home. We believe coding is a means to create with technology; that’s why having an end product is of utmost importance.

"Coding and STEM classes at CodingZen have really helped to unleash my son’s creativity and desire to learn more. The children work on projects each week that become progressively harder that provide a chance to consolidate their knowledge. Parents are provided with a weekly detailed update on what the children have done in classes. My son is very much looking forward to the new term ahead! Thank you!"

Parent of Joshua, P.3 student at Bradbury School

First Code Tinker (AT102 in Winter Term '16)

Courses Covered in Foundation Program

Learning to code is like learning a new language. To excel and to become fluent, it requires commitment, repeated exercise and continuous immersion. This is where CodingZen’s Core Programs come in. Through age-appropriate, carefully crafted, term-by-term curriculum with a combination of concepts and project-based learning, students build a solid foundation of computational thinking and acquire industry ready STEM, coding, and design thinking skills.

Game Development
3D Designing & Printing
Android App Development
Website Development
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