Classroom In Action at CodingZen

At CodingZen, we believe that learning to code is a great way to nurture creativity and instill confidence in young children. We are continuously promoting a creative learning environment and building a fun-filled coding community for children.

An average kid’s journey with CodingZen is divided into three phases, where each part is design to simplify coding concepts and instill creatively and confidence in kids. These phases are:

Demo Classes

We understand that most parents want their kids to try out coding before they decide to enrol their kids in a monthly or quarterly classroom programme. Demo Days are classes designed to give kids an overview of what coding is and how to write their own code.

A Typical demo day class includes a complimentary one-on-one session with our facilitator for your child followed by a feedback session between the child and facilitator. During the feedback session, our facilitators discuss the interest and aptitude your children has for coding, offer programs best suited for your child, and address any questions you may have about coding and its benefits.

With Demo Days, we want to ensure that your child feels comfortable and excited about beginning his coding journey.

Demo Class


MasterClass is our flagship coding programme wherein we teach kids how to code following a rigorous international curriculum. In MasterClass, students follow a progressive session plan with the aim of developing a certain aptitude in coding by the end of the programme.

Each MasterClass session is a mix of theoretical concepts and practice designed to challenge your child’s problem solving and creative thinking skills. At the end of each programme, children have a live project they have worked on which they have build by writing their own code.

MasterClass with mentors

Show ‘n’ Tell

We also organize Show ‘n’ Tell days wherein we invite parents, family members, and friends of our students to showcase their work and demonstrate how their projects work. Show ‘n’ Tell are a great way for your kids to boost confidence and self-esteem by talking about their projects with others and also helps them build good communication skills.

Show ‘n’ Tell days are generally organized at the end of a MasterClass programme and also includes feedback sessions with parents and family members about their child’s progress and enthusiasm towards coding.

Show & Tell

Few Glimpse Of Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to keep young minds engaged and yet in a fun filled environment, so much so that it doesn’t feel like a classroom but more like home.

Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom
Glimpse of Classroom

Make you child stand out of the crowd from the beginning!

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